Practice Tests

Practice tests are important when preparing for the SAT. While our tutors are very successful at helping students increase their scores, we’re not always needed for test trials! We review our SAT Reasoning Test booklets, licensed by the College Board, to show students how they can independently prepare for exam day.

Section On the SAT

Our booklets show the number of questions in each section: Reading, Grammar and Math (with and without a calculator). For the past three years, these sections have remained consistent.

There’s also an experimental section that doesn’t count towards your score; those who choose to write the essay may be exempt from these questions. Our booklets also have essay prompts.

Scoring Scale

Students can review correct answers toward the back of the booklet and score their own test! The scoring tables show how many right answers translate on a 200-800 scale scoring scale for math and verbal.

There is no need to send away results to a computer scoring system; within 10 minutes of completing the practice test, you can have your own score calculated! Simply count the number right and apply it to the scale; we can show you the formula involved.

Conversion Tables

Furthermore, you don’t have to wonder how many more correct answers are needed to reach a certain score. If you score a 610 on the Math section but want to improve to 700, the tables show how many raw score points are needed to climb the scale those 90 points.