Ivy Bound tutors are especially helpful with spring APs and SAT Subject Tests. Students targeting top tier colleges who plan well will take one in the spring of freshman year and two each in the spring of sophomore and junior years.

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Our Ideal Schedules

  • 1 time a week for six weeks starting in late March.
  • 6 times over an April vacation (almost daily).
  • 3 times a week for the two weeks leading up to the actual test (May 6 or June 3).

In the past, we have strongly pushed students to make May their Target test. This year there is an August test and thus a June Target with August as back-up is a reasonable strategy.

For counselors, you likely have clients whose children would be helped by private tutoring. We are good at it! Our tutors come to the home or school, at the student’s convenience. If distant, the student and tutor meet by Skype. For those whose success needs burnishing, please consider Ivy Bound.

Tutor rates start at $60/hr. With two well-matched students, we can do semi-private tutoring for as low as $30/hr. Students pay a per subject enlistment and materials fee of $150, $200 or $250. Subject Tests are the “low hanging fruit” of college credentialing: since you are likely studying for a final anyhow, your study in a short time typically yields a high Subject Test score – and each Subject Test is just one hour.

We’re grateful for your referrals! My staff and our tutors will treat your families very well.