Sophomores gearing up to apply to competitive colleges typically take some SAT Subject Tests before they take the PSAT, SAT or ACT.

When To Test

We recommend that sophomores take the SAT Subject Tests in May and June in subjects they excel in, but will not take next year. Math falls into this category for students who will move from Algebra or Geometry into Calculus next year (there is no calculus on the SAT Subject Test). For many students, U.S History, Biology or Chemistry also applies.

Sophomores who have yet to take a Subject Test, the ACT or the SAT get decent experience from their first College Admissions test, a worthy consideration before it’s time for the PSAT and SAT next fall. You have nothing to lose with a mediocre score and a good score will be a credential for college admission in a couple years.

SAT Subject Tests Prep

We offer tutoring for SAT Subject Testing and APs online and in-person. Our typical program per subject is about 8 – 12 hours with a tutor, if the student’s school work has covered almost all of the textbook. If a school teacher has not followed the textbook or has not reached a large chunk of the textbook’s contents by early spring, then the tutor will be needed for more exposition; the student should plan on 12 – 20 hours with the tutor.

The SAT Subject Tests are now offered in late August too. That means students can comfortably omit the May date and target June and August for their subject tests. Students should always plan on two dates following their study, so May and June or June and August are the best pairings.

Be aware of scheduling! Subject Tests are not all offered on each date; view the guide.