We want students to prep for the ACT, but it is especially important for rising juniors. You may want to take the SAT too, since the content greatly overlaps, but the choice is yours. No college requires the SAT if there is an ACT score in place.

blog-pt2017Ivy Bound has always recommended doing a chunk of SAT or ACT prep the summer before junior year. It gives students more options for success and leads to the satisfying result of being done early, before the hectic-ness of junior year in the spring.

For ambitious students, the stress of second semester junior year usually includes SAT Subject Tests. These have not changed and are offered on the same dates as the SAT.

This year, our “start-early, prep well, be done early” advice is especially important. The ACT has become marginally harder for students to master. The ACT Science section is more difficult because the test makers are adding knowledge to what was formerly simple reasoning. Thus, we think earlier testing will allow students to reduce the number of science-knowledge questions they see. The ACT also has a new essay portion and the criteria for success are more intricate.

The SAT has also become significantly harder to master. The math section tests on a higher level and the convoluted English section often obscures the simplicity of an otherwise easy-to-answer problem. The SAT Essay has slightly more intricate criteria than before, if you choose to take it.

Ivy Bound’s staff addresses parents personally. Call us or send an email to let us know your child’s situation, needs and constraints. Every year, we work with students from incredibly diverse backgrounds, from almost masters to remedial. Please don’t be afraid to bring forth your child’s special needs or specific learning preferences. Our job in the office is to create a good fit and we don’t mind having to tailor to you. Since 2001, we’ve done it exceptionally well.