Here’s the good and not-so-good for LSAT study when a college student is already absorbed in studies.

The LSAT Tests New Skills

Focus on ResultsUnlike SAT prep, where vocabulary absorption takes a long time, LSAT is an all-skills test. New skills take many hours to master, but they need not be drawn-out hours over many months. Thus, one month of study works for most students if they treat it like their full-time job, or close.

A student who is clear of school by Mother’s Day has a full month until the June Test. The June LSAT is always a Monday afternoon test. So, here is a possible four week, 5-days a week plan:

  • LSAT Tutoring: 9 – 11:30 am
  • Practice Testing: 12:30 – 3 pm
  • Self-Study: 4 – 6:30 pm

This totals 150 dedicated hours of test prep, with nights, early mornings and weekends free. Serious students will typically put in 125 – 200 hours. If you want to be on the high-side, do a smidgen of weekend tutoring during this 4-week period or start that weekend tutoring in April, one morning each weekend. Then, once you are free of college responsibilities, jump in for the daily work.

Students who have a buddy who is equally serious about Law School admission might want to pair up for the tutoring and the “self-study.” However, such students should budget more time for each because learning with a buddy is almost never as efficient as learning on your own, where a tutor is focused on just your LSAT needs, and the self-study is directed at just your deficiencies and successes.

At Ivy Bound, families split the tutoring fee, but we only recommend the pair-up for students who are close in abilities and desires. They also need similar schedules.

To assess your incoming LSAT abilities, buy a book from The Law School Admission Council containing one, three or 10 actual LSATs from recent years! You can self-test and self-score them on the LSAT’s 120 – 180 scale.

You can purchase a single recent LSAT here. Do NOT get these on an e-reader! You’ll want printed copies and to do the work on old-fashioned pencil and paper.