Subject Tests

We often get questions from parents who want to know if their students should be taking SAT Subject Tests. There are several reasons why we recommend students take these exams, particularly to improve their chances of college admission.

Targeting Colleges

If you’re applying to schools that prefer or require SAT Subject Test scores, take them! These exams are an extra credential that can also be a backup to your AP tests.

Let’s say you score a 3 on the AP History test, but know you’re capable of level 5 work. A 700+ score on the World History Subject Test could show your mastery.

How to Score Well

It’s easy to figure out which SAT Subject Tests you can score well on, using the College Board’s study guide. Take a one-hour practice test in your best subject to see how likely you are to score over 700. If you score in the 600s, working with an Ivy Bound tutor can help you get into the “impressive” range for most colleges.

Scheduling the Tests

Take these tests in every subject you feel you can score well on, starting as early as freshman year! We recommend taking the SAT Subject Tests twice, or until you get the top score you think you’re capable of getting.
With multiple chances to show off your skill, you’re sure to put your best foot forward with colleges! Contact us to learn more about how Ivy Bound can help students with the SAT Subject Tests.