For students who wish to excel on the SAT or ACT, June is certainly an optimal time to begin tutoring.

An early start offers an early finish. This is most important for students whose school schedules are crowded in August and September. However, even those who have an easy fall schedule might take advantage of early tutoring, so they can slowly build their skills in the summer and complete their prep with once-a-week sessions in September and October.

blog-summerOctober is the latest a student should be planning to take her or his first ACT. The ACT is offered September 10 and with good summer study, students can be prepared for that test. They’ll likely take the second ACT on October 22.

For rising seniors, October still allows time for an Early Decision college application. For rising juniors, October is a nice self-imposed deadline. After that, you can concentrate on grades, sports and other extracurricular activities.

October is also your one and only chance for National Merit Scholarships and recognition, via the mid-October PSAT. Students studying for the ACT do a few extra modules with a tutor and work on vocabulary on their own to become PSAT-ready.

Some students need the full summer for study. If their progress is slow, the early start cushions against a frenzied finish. If their progress is fast, they finish in three to five weeks, take a month off, then eagerly await nailing the September test.

Students who have yet to enlist with a class or an ACT/SAT tutor should inquire about Ivy Bound’s arrangements. Classes begin June 27th and private tutoring can begin any time. For students who would like to try private tutoring with a well-matched buddy, Ivy Bound offers semi-private, one-on-two tutoring. Parents then split the tutor fee, though each pays a separate Materials, Licensing and Enlistment fee.

Class schedules can be viewed online and private tutoring can be arranged to start at any time. Call 860-666-5550.