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High school can be very stressful for students who are juggling their academics with sports, extracurricular activities, jobs and volunteer work. Waiting until senior year to give serious thought to your college education heightens that stress! At Ivy Bound, we believe it’s never too early to start planning for college. While the tests and application process can be hard work, campus visits can be the most enjoyable aspect of the whole journey. How can students take advantage of these visits for their benefit?

Choose the Right Time

college students laughingWhen you schedule a visit, you want students to be on campus. As you plan your trips to each school, make sure classes are in session. An empty campus won’t give you an idea of the culture or an opportunity to speak with current students.

Have an Open Mind

It can be tempting to cross a school off your list because the dorms are small or the dining hall has limited options. However, it’s important to keep an open and practical mind.

Does the school have an esteemed program for your major or industry connections for internship opportunities? You may have to sacrifice certain amenities for a good education.

Ask the Tough Questions

Doing your own research, you can find out whether a school has a computer science program or an on-campus gym. During your tour, ask the guide more in-depth questions about internship success rates, campus life and other aspects of the school culture you won’t find on the website.

Talk to Students

Some schools offer the chance to stay overnight with a current student, who will take you to classes and show you around campus. This “day in the life” experience often gives students a better understanding of what it’s really like to attend the school.

If you don’t have this opportunity at every school you tour, approach some of the students you see around campus. You’re likely to get more honest insight about the school from someone who’s not part of the admissions office.

Document Your Visits

Write down your favorite and least liked features of the school and take pictures of each campus. After a few tours, you may mix up one school’s features with another! Consulting a list of pros and cons for each school will help you make this very critical decision in your life.
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