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The average student completes 12 years of schooling before college. Although this seems like a long time, students who strive for future success need to be on top of their game throughout their academic career. In addition to standardized test scores, homework and GPA play a key role in college admissions. When homework time is a constant battle, what can parents do to encourage their students to complete their assignments?

1. Explain Homework’s Importance

Young female student studying at her desk Your child may find it unfair after spending hours in the classroom, but homework is necessary to reinforce what’s taught in school. When assignments are skipped, students don’t know which concepts need improvement. In turn, they could fall behind in class or get a bad test score. Explain that the feeling of mastery outranks the feeling of disappointment from a poor report card!

2. Devise a Routine Together

Common reasons why students reject after-school work include lack of motivation, poor organizational skills and a short attention span. You can help combat these issues by sitting down and creating a schedule together. Some considerations:

  • When does your child prefer to have downtime versus doing homework? You can schedule homework all at once or alternate between work and breaks.
  • Where is homework done? Make sure these areas are clean and quiet to avoid distractions.
  • What does your child want to do after homework is finished? Working towards a reward may be all the motivation needed!

The more detail your outline provides, the more likely your child will stay on track. For instance, specific timeframes and bulleted steps for each task give them small goals to accomplish. When it’s complete, hang the schedule somewhere it’ll be seen every day.

3. Don’t Overschedule Activities

Another reason why your child may begrudge homework? He or she has too many after-school activities. When you’re trying to juggle student council, soccer practice and guitar lessons, homework often becomes an afterthought.

While it’s important for kids to try different activities and discover their interests, homework should never take a backseat. Sit down with your child and discuss extracurriculars – can a sport or club be cut to make more time for homework? When they don’t have to stay up all night to complete assignments, students are likely to dread homework much less!
For the past several years, there has been a national debate over the amount of homework students are assigned. Parents who are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend on homework can turn to Ivy Bound! Our academic tutors work with students to improve understanding, efficiency and results. Call us at (877) 975-1600 today.