Obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) is a beneficial step towards success in business. While there are exceptions, most people in senior leadership positions at large corporations have an MBA and companies looking to fill high-level jobs often include this distinction in the requirements for potential candidates.

About the GMAT

Student in red graduate cap and gownGetting into business school starts with passing the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). The exam is an assessment of specific skills with four sections:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

Many people spend two to three months preparing for the GMAT. Studying for this exam takes a lot of time and dedication. While there is no single path to success, these tips will help you prepare.

Research Schools and Deadlines

When researching the school you want to attend, make clear notes of their application deadlines. Give yourself enough time to retake the GMAT if you’re not satisfied with your first score. Also have an idea of the average score of accepted students, so you know the benchmark for getting in.

Take a Diagnostic Practice Test

Taking a GMAT practice test helps establish your baseline scoring level. Don’t stress out too much; this is an opportunity to get familiar with the test, not ace it in one try. After a practice test, you will know your strong areas and where you need to improve.

Create a Detailed Study Plan

Everyone has their own method for studying, but there should be clear criteria for a test this important. Have a plan in place that includes:

  • Number of hours a week you will study
  • What materials you will use
  • When you will take your practice tests
  • Your target scores
  • Contingency plan for scores below the target

Another important tip is to avoid procrastination. Once you’ve made the decision to take the GMAT, get started with test prep right away.

Focus on Weak Areas

After you have carefully reviewed the results of your diagnostic practice test, prioritize your time spent on weak areas. If your educational and work experience is related to math, you may need to focus more on the verbal section.
The GMAT is a difficult test that requires many hours of study and practice testing. The sooner you begin planning, the better chance you have of scoring well and being accepted to your dream school. To find a GMAT tutor, contact Ivy Bound today.