We have a parent whose child worked hard and nailed a 300 point SAT score increase now bewildered about SAT SUBJECT TESTS. These are required by most of the top tier colleges.

Our advice: A competent student should relish colleges requiring SAT Subject Tests. That’s because they are easy to study for, only take 1 hour each on a Saturday morning, and give ambitious students a chance to lift themselves above the pack.

If your child can hit 700 on an SAT Subject Test, it’s worth taking. Rather than avoid applying to a college that requires them, take the Subject Test in EVERY subject that on a good day you can get 700+. That will then give the student more choice in applying, and no regrets that “________ U is out of reach for me”.

Especially someone who just banged out a 300+ point SAT increase, that student, of all people should embrace a little Subject Test study and likely see a nice gain

Even for colleges that don’t require Subject Tests, since all admissions committees all like seeing excellence, students who can show them 700+ scores should submit these scores anyways.

If taking Math Level 2, take the Level 1 as well.  Only a few programs (all among the “Top 20” colleges) care which level you take. They are impressed by an 800 on either test. Taking both the Level 1 and the Level 2 gives you two chances to get that 800.

Finally, do NOT eschew Subject Tests because a certain college will accept an ACT score without doing the Subject Test. At least 20 well-regarded colleges insist on two or more Subject Tests regardless of SAT or ACT score.