Ivy Bound / Rising Stars offers three easy-to-attend parent seminars to take full advantage of College Admissions and College Financing.

We offer these on Sundays and Mondays, several options for attendance.  The Sunday afternoon seminars coincide with Practice ACTs and SATs that students can take.  Practice Tests are $50 each (no charge for Ivy Bound clients). The Parent seminars are free.

Schedule of Events:

Sunday, July 24:  2 – 5:30pm     Practice ACT

Sunday, July 24:  2:15pm     Financial Planning

Sunday, July 24:  3:30pm     Know the SAT / ACT

Sunday, July 24:  4:45pm     Private Counseling for Admissions

Monday, July 25:  8pm     Financial Planning

Monday, July 25:  9:15pm     Private Counseling for Admissions

Sunday, July 31:  2 – 5:30pm     Practice SAT

Sunday, August 7:  2 – 5:30pm     Practice ACT

Sunday, August 7:  9:15pm     Know the SAT / ACT

All times are eastern.  Practice Tests and Face-to-Face seminars run only if there is sufficient enrollment. Online parent seminars run irrespective of commitments.  Presenters this summer are a mix of:

College Financial Planners
Arnold Jentleson and JD Noll

SAT Tutors
Kevin Weaver, Mark Greenstein and Mickey Allen

Private Counselors
Cynthia Whipple and Melanie Talesnick

Financial Planning includes: Giving attendees valuable information about the financial aid process.  We apply this to families of “A students”, “B students” and “C students”.  Last year, families working with College Planning USA (Mr. Noll’s firm) saved an average of $13,601 per year, for a 4-year savings of $54,404 at private colleges.  The specifics will help almost any family attending.

Know the SAT / ACT includes: Preparing parents for what to expect on standardized tests in the modern College Admissions process.   The seminar will answer:

  • What is tested on the current ACT / SAT and how should kids attack it?
  • Where does the ACT / SAT fit into the college admissions scheme
  • Where do the SAT Subject tests fit in and when should we schedule these?
  • What’s the new Writing test like and how is it graded?
  • Is the ACT / SAT fair?   Is it “coachable”?   Is it culturally biased?
  • What are AP tests? Who should take these, and when
  • Don’t grades count anymore?
  • What’s the use of the PSAT?
  • How to diagnose your child’s PSAT. (December & January seminars only)
  • How do ACT / SAT scores affect financial aid offers?
  • How do ACT / SAT scores affect athletic recruitment?
  • What are effective ways to prep for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests?

College Admissions Planning includes: seasoned counselors speaking about how they counsel families and prepares students for the essays resumes and applications that ensue.

Likely in discussion are:

  • Benefits of knowing colleges WELL.
  • Benefits of knowing your own class (competitors)
  • How does Early Decision affect admissions?
  • How to get the most out of a college visit
  • How to prepare for an alumni interview
  • How to prep for an on-campus interview (or pseudo-interview)
  • What info about colleges is relevant or irrelevant