Academic Success

From a young age, students are told how important it is to score well on the SAT and ACT. Achieving high standardized test scores can be the difference between getting into a great school or settling for a safety option. Yet test scores are not the only criteria for admissions officers. The term “well-rounded” is often used to describe the ideal candidate for a college’s incoming class. If you want to stand out among other students vying for a spot at a top school, take the following steps to look more appealing.

Extracurricular Activities

Two athletes playing soccerOne way to get the attention of an admissions officer is to be involved at your high school. Joining clubs and taking part in campus activities show you are more than your GPA. Serving on the student council, participating in the debate team or writing for the school newspaper demonstrates that you understand the value of honing your skills in real-life settings.

Athletic Performance

Being on a sports team is another way to show your versatility. You do not have to be a scholarship athlete to participate in sports. Simply being a member of the football, soccer, track and field or tennis team shows that you value the concept of working with others to achieve a common goal.

Volunteer Work

The fuller your schedule, the better. When you have free time, volunteer in your community. Involvement with local food banks, voter registration initiatives, fundraising and other activities show you care about your hometown and are willing to do your part to enact change.

Part-Time Jobs

Nothing prepares you for the workforce more than real-life experience. Many students get an after-school job or work on the weekend for spending money, but part-time jobs show your drive to succeed. You may also consider internships with local businesses that offer experience in a field you wish to pursue.

A versatile resume is important for college acceptance, but don’t let your grades or test scores slip as you rush to fill your schedule. Work with an Ivy Bound tutor to stay on top of your academics and prepare for the next big test! Contact Us for more information.