Young female college studentIvy Bound helps college students excel. We do this for academics, for semi-academic endeavors and for test prep.

For Academics

Ivy Bound tutors come to campus for extra help. Ivy Bound tutors include professors, non-academic professionals, and grad students. Ivy Bound tutors are especially effective helping students preview a daunting course. We do this prior to each semester, allowing students to then be viewing the work a second time when the chapter materials are address in the course.

Professors and administrators help make the learning economical if they arrange for group study. One tutor can work with multiple students effectively if they have similar needs. Our work can occur weekdays or weekends. It can even be done via Skype for certain subjects. Universities can enlist Ivy Bound for the extra help or parents can enlist Ivy Bound.

For Semi-Academics

Ivy Bound currently offers individual and group help in:

Study Skills can be important for newly-independent students who have to juggle burgeoning assignments. When a student also has new social responsibilities, parents sometimes enlist Ivy Bound for organization skills as well. That we do one-on-one in the dorm (or home if the student lives off-campus), helping a student organize

  • Desk
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Computer files
  • Backpack
  • Electronic organizer

For students who are poised to learn well, but need Study Skills, Ivy Bound shows them how to:

  • Research efficiently
  • Write better papers
  • Take notes effectively
  • Read better
  • Excel on tests

A study skills course can involve speedy reading as well. Speedy reading helps students get through their work faster, without sacrificing comprehension. For many students, our speedy reading course actually IMPROVES comprehension.

At 5pm, Professors are deservedly tired. Ivy Bound’s college instructors often START their day at 5pm. They arrive with energy and enthusiasm, ready to help students to new heights. We relish having caring professors and TAs “pass the baton” to finish off a school day with extra learning, and at least some extra tools for future success.

For Test Prep

Ivy Bound excels at teaching graduate school skills for the GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT that students don’t consummately learn in college courses. Few professors “teach to the test” but we do. Ivy Bound teaches to the LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and GRE unabashedly. For many students, one standardized test score is more important that 3-4 years of GPA. For many parents, the scholarships earned from a high LSAT, GMAT or MCAT score make a huge financial difference.

Ivy Bound Test Prep tutors are top 2% scorers themselves. We base this on an actual LSAT (170 minimum), GMAT (720 minimum) or MCAT (35 minimum). If a student wishes to enlist a tutor over vacation periods, Ivy Bound often keeps the same tutor-student pairing and they work electronically.

In theory, colleges that see an improved SCHOOL-WIDE average LSAT score help their students with law school admissions individually and as a whole. Over time, grad schools will respect colleges with high average LSAT scores. It means those colleges trust that college’s GPA / transcripts. When a school’s average LSAT scores are 170 versus 158, EVERY law school applicant from that college in theory carries more clout, whether applying as an undergraduate or a few years out of college. This is even more true for MCAT, where most students apply to Med school as undergrads or within a year of graduation.

Please contact us if Ivy Bound can fashion a program for your students this year.