two young male studentsIvy Bound helps students who struggle in school and students who are ready to get ahead. Students needing remedial work can have an Ivy Bound tutor come to the home or join us in an academic center. Students wanting group sessions can have an Ivy Bound tutor come to the school. School teachers who fashion appropriate groups help make the after-school learning work best. Ivy Bound tutors can also help one-on-one on weekends at a student’s home.

Tutoring for Primary Education

Students wishing to excel can have an Ivy Bound tutor introduce subjects that the student would like to take on. Practical Math, beginning Chinese, Computer Programming, Astronomy, Geology and advanced Math are all subjects we relish teaching.

Teachers are deservedly tired come 3pm. Ivy Bound instructors often START their day at 3pm. They arrive with energy and enthusiasm, ready to help students to new heights. We relish having caring teachers “pass the baton” to finish off a school day with extra learning and fun.