Ivy Bound helps high school students excel. We do this for academics, semi-academics and SAT/ACT Test Prep.

For Academics

Ivy Bound tutors work at select academic centers, but can also come to the school. One tutor can work with multiple students with similar needs. This can be for a course with which students struggle or for a course for which a school lacks a teacher due to sudden leave. Schools can enlist Ivy Bound for the extra help or parents can enlist Ivy Bound.

Ivy Bound tutors can also help one-on-one on weekends at a student’s home. Ivy Bound tutors are especially effective helping students preview a daunting course. We do this prior to each semester, allowing students to then be viewing the work a second time when the chapter materials are address in the course.

For Semi-Academics

Ivy Bound currently offers individual and group help in:

Study Skills are especially important for 9th and 10th graders who are seeing new types of assignments. When a student also has new social responsibilities, parents sometimes enlist Ivy Bound for organization skills as well. That we do one-on-one in the home, helping a student organize:

  • Desk
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Computer files
  • Backpack
  • Electronic organizer

For students who are poised to learn well, but need Study Skills, Ivy Bound shows them how to:

  • Write better papers
  • Absorb vocabulary well
  • Take notes effectively
  • Read better
  • Excel on tests

Where the school wishes, the study skills course can involve Speedy Reading as well. We help students get through their assignments 50% to 100% faster. The course is meant to help keep retention or improve it.

Ivy Bound can introduce GROUPS of students to the above subjects and more. Teachers who see a need to make after-school learning fun might arrange an Ivy Bound course in any of the above topics.

Teachers are deservedly tired come 3pm. Ivy Bound instructors often START their day at 3pm. They arrive with energy and enthusiasm, ready to help students to new heights. We relish having caring teachers “pass the baton” to finish off a school day with extra learning, fun, and at least some extra tools for future success.

For Test Prep

Ivy Bound excels at teaching new SAT and ACT skills that students don’t consummately learn in school. Few schools “teach to the test” but we do. Ivy Bound teaches to the SAT and ACT unabashedly — for some students, these are the most important tests in their school lives. For many parents, the scholarships earned from a high SAT or ACT score make a huge financial difference.

Ivy Bound can work WITHIN the school’s curriculum to invoke test prep or it can work extra-curricularly, with weekend sessions or summer sessions. (We try to avoid weekday afternoons and weekday evenings — students have enough on their plates Monday-through Thursday). We put our abilities to a high demand. If a targeted SAT Prep class does not bring students an average 150 point improvement, the school or the students themselves get money back. For ACT the guarantee is a 3 point average improvement.

Schools that see an improved SCHOOL-WIDE average SAT score help their students with college admissions individually and as a whole. Colleges respect schools with high average SAT scores. It means those colleges trust the GPA scale of that high school. When a school’s average scores are 1300 versus 1180, EVERY college applicant from that school carries more clout.

Please contact Ivy Bound if we can help one or more of your students this year.

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