boy sitting with a bookMiddle school is crucial for developing academic skills. Ivy Bound helps students who need remedial help and those able to excel.  We work out of select academic tutoring centers, but also come right to schools.

Tutoring for 7th & 8th Graders

Students needing remedial help can see an Ivy Bound tutor one-on-one, semi-privately, or in small groups. This includes Saturdays where the school is open. Ivy Bound tutors can also help one-on-one on weekends at a student’s home.

Students who are poised to learn well, but need Study Skills can participate in a Study Skills class. Ivy Bound proudly puts these on to help students with new academic responsibilities.

We show them how to:

  • Write better papers
  • Absorb vocabulary well
  • Take notes effectively
  • Read better
  • Excel on tests

Where the school wishes, the study skills course can involve Speedy Reading as well.

Other Available Subjects

Students wishing to excel can have an Ivy Bound tutor introduce subjects that the student would like to take on. Practical Math, Speedy Reading, Chinese, Computer programming, Astronomy, Film-making, Chess, Digital Art, Geology and advanced Robotics are all subjects we relish teaching. A few of our tutors are experience musicians, and can thus instruct students and conduct music ensembles.

For some students “Entrepreneurship 101” is a great weekend class. We help students, in pairs, turn an idea into an operating business. Along the way we teach some legalities, financial practicalities and give over low-level business ethics.

Teachers who see a need to make after-school learning fun might arrange an Ivy Bound course in any of the above topics.

Teachers are deservedly tired come 3pm. Ivy Bound instructors often START their day at 3pm. They arrive with energy and enthusiasm, ready to help students to new heights. We relish having caring teachers “pass the baton” to finish off a school day with extra learning, fun, and at least some extra tools for future success.