Free Parent Seminar for Parents of 8th – 11th Graders!

Teens Welcome to Attend

Ivy Bound is offering an informative seminar by phone and online. The focus of the seminar is to prepare parents for what to expect in their child’s high school years, particularly as it affects college admissions. Conducted by one of Ivy Bound’s Senior Instructors the seminar will answer:

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  • What is tested on the current ACT / SAT and how should kids attack it?
  • Where does the ACT / SAT fit into the college admissions scheme?
  • Where do the SAT Subject Tests fit in and when should we schedule these?
  • What’s are the ACT and SAT essays like and how are they graded?
  • Is the ACT / SAT fair? Is it “coachable”? Is it culturally biased?
  • What are AP tests? Who should take these, and when?
  • Don’t grades count anymore?
  • What’s the use of the PSAT?
  • How does Early Decision affect admissions?
  • What else are colleges looking for?
  • How do ACT / SAT scores affect financial aid offers?
  • How do ACT / SAT scores affect athletic recruitment?
  • What are effective ways to prep for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests?

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Dates: Sundays May 7th and June 4th
Time: 9:15pm EST
Presenter: Mark Greenstein, Ivy Bound Founder and/or one of our Senior Ivy Bound Tutors

To register, fill out the form on this page or call the Ivy Bound office at: 877-975-1600 ext. 309 and ask for Robin Lane.