Smart Scheduling Seminar

This FREE Parent Seminar reviews a few large topics from the Oct 1st Understanding College Admissions Seminar, then discusses “Smart Scheduling”. This is important for parents of 9th and 10th graders and CRUCIAL for parents of 11th graders who have yet to plan out their testing. Literally, if you have no clear plan by early Junior year, your child is in danger of losing out.

Ted Talks are broad and often a bit fuzzy. Ivy Bound’s Evening “Ed” Talks are narrow and specific. We hone these to one or two topics with an insightful, fast-paced presenter. We attempt to rescue this with this Parent Seminar and give 9th and 10th graders the chance to plan smartly without being fretful.

Join Us!

Date: Sunday, November 5th
Time: 9:15pm Eastern
Place: Our conference line at

You’ll have a choice of video or audio only. If without a computer, dial: +1 646-558-8656 or +1 408-638-0968. Meeting ID: 531 623 5029

The conference is free to all and no reservation is necessary. If you have questions you’d like to be sure are addressed, you may email them in advance to Please give your child’s graduation year and the school(s) they attend. We will keep your name and circumstances anonymous during the conference.