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“ED TALKS” – Emphasis on the SAT

Ivy Bound is offering another Evening “Ed” Talk via the internet. “TED” talks are broad and often a bit fuzzy. Ivy Bound’s “Ed” Talks are narrow and specific. We hone these to one or two topics with an insightful, fast-paced presenter.

The focus of the seminar is to prepare parents for what to expect on standardized tests in the modern College Admissions process. Conducted by Ivy Bound Founder Mark Greenstein and one of Ivy Bound’s Senior Instructors, the seminar will answer:

  • What is tested on the current SAT and how should kids attack it?
  • Where does the SAT fit into the college admissions scheme?
  • Where do the SAT Subject Tests fit in and when should we schedule these?
  • What are the SAT essays like and how are they graded?
  • Is the SAT fair? Is it “coachable”? Is it culturally biased?
  • What are AP tests? Who should take these, and when?
  • Don’t grades count anymore?
  • What’s the use of the PSAT?
  • How does Early Decision affect admissions?
  • What else are colleges looking for?
  • How do SAT scores affect financial aid offers?
  • How do SAT scores affect athletic recruitment?
  • What are effective ways to prep for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests?
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Sunday, October 69:15pm EST
Sunday, November 39:15pm EST

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The seminar is free and you will be provided with login information once registered. Sign up online, email Robin Lane or call 877-975-1600. Ivy Bound will receive registrations on the next business day.

If you can’t attend, Ivy Bound is happy to do a 60-minute Seminar to groups of 30 or more parents. The Parent Seminars can be scheduled for any weekday evening, including as an adjunct to PTO/Board meetings.  We also can arrange online conferences on your schedule.

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