100 Point SAT Guarantee / 3 Point ACT Guarantee

Ivy Bound backs up the quality of its teaching. Diligent students in the Ivy Bound course can expect to see improvements that open up a whole tier of colleges to them, and that frequently result in $10,000+ scholarship awards.

While no firm can guarantee a given improvement, Ivy Bound pays back 50% of the class or tutoring fee should a diligent student not achieve a 100 point SAT improvement (based on a prior SAT or PSAT). For ACT takers the guarantee is 3 ACT points or 50% is returned.

Fortunately, very few Ivy Bound students have to resort to the “guarantee”. Our diligent students averaged over 160 points (two sections, based on a prior SAT or PSAT from 2005 – 2016). In the nine years when we have offered the “guarantee”, thus far only six students have needed the refund. For the ACT our diligent students averaged over 3.3 point ACT increases over the last six years. And in the four years that we have offered the ACT “guarantee”, thus far none has needed the refund.

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