Children learn at different paces and have different learning styles. This is why finding the right student-tutor match is necessary to ensure your children’s progress. At Ivy Bound we offer programs that can be tailored to each students’ needs and goals.

We offer In-Person tutoring services you can trust. Our goal is to help students not just understand a subject, but also develop their potential in the future.


Ivy Bound tutors teach students of all ages. Our academic help ranges from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our Test Prep ranges from 6th grade through college. And our Enrichment Courses cluster around grades 5 – 9. Our tutors employ their skillset to fit your children’s learning styles and help them conquer their educational challenges.

Ivy Bound has extensive experience with in-person and online teaching. We began in 2001 in Connecticut and California. Over time we have created a vast variety of courses that have proved to be effective and delivered significant improvements in grades and test scores.

Ivy Bound began online tutoring in 2007, so our seasoned tutors are steeped in online delivery. Should your child need to stay separated, your in-home tutor can seamlessly continue online.

Choose your area and learn about our tutors near you:

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