Monday – Thursday Core Classes

We offer four types of Learning Coaches for 2020 – 2021:

Split-Screen Assistance – a paraprofessional conducts a “Guided Study Hall” online.  Students use the time to do assigned work but if needing special help can join the para in a separate “room” for some one-to-one time.  Students can be doing different subjects at the same time – these are held each weekday afternoon and each weekday evening so students “GET IT DONE” without bothering parents.


Dedicated Assistance – a tutor works with a single family to replace the parent during the hours the parent needs the help.  Regimenting learning, evaluating work, and prodding to reach the next level is the base level expectation.  Since the tutor is dedicated to just one family, the tutor can be as constant as the parents desire.  Most tutors are able to teach subjects to help make the learning programs come more alive and to help when a student gets stuck.


Multiple Assistance – a tutor works with multiple families, monitoring three or more students who are working on similar programs, but in different households.  These could be former classmates who have withdrawn from regular school together, cousins across the country, or strangers who have like interests (as determined in a parenting group, church group, a social group, or a parenting “pod”).   There is no issue with having different ages; the only similarity is to use the same materials.  Then the tutor is in synch at all levels.


Specialized Assistance – two or more tutors with special expertise work with a family to help the child(ren)in specialty subjects.  This is best for younger children with special learning needs, and for secondary school children who are taking specialty subjects at a high level.  A seasoned tutor might thus take care of a student’s Math and Chemistry knowledge while a second tutor would be called on for the child’s Grammar, Reading, History, and Civics classes.  A third tutor might engage the child for music lessons, and a fourth tutor might be the foreign language tutor.  Based on the child’s maturity, parents decide whether coverage must be continuous for a certain span of time, or whether tutors / monitors will “visit” online during certain hours.

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