violinIvy Bound’s music division is “Bravissimo Music”.  Ivy Bound enlists seasoned music instructors who come to the home for private lessons. Occasionally, an instructor’s studio is the better venue, but we encourage home visits to make the most of students’ time, and to allow parents to hear the progress as they wish.

Private Music Lessons

Bravissimo Music can advise parents on good choices for starting on an instrument and growing with it into ensembles, orchestras, or bands. We teach in traditional ways, including use of sheet music, even chords an “feel” are also apt. Bravissimo puts a modern spin on traditional teaching — our instructors often schedule “hear-me-out” sessions during the week, where a student will display progress to instructor in just 120 minutes by phone or by Skype.  Bravissimo also encourages “modern” instruments like electric guitar and digital piano.

Bravissimo helps schools who wish to expand their music offerings. Schools can pay instructors as contractors, without a long-term commitment. In years when there is high demand for music, Bravissimo can add modules, or even bring in extra instructors.

Finally, parents wishing to have private lessons but save on cost can enlist Bravissimo for SEMI-PRIVATE lessons. Parents thus split the cost.