-“Know the SAT”

-“Planning for College Admissions”

– PSAT Diagnosis

Notice to Parents of 10th and 11th Graders:
Ivy Bound is offering a free seminar at many local high schools, the focus of which will be a presentation by Ivy Bound which will prepare parents for what to expect in their child’s sophomore, junior, and senior years. Conducted by one of Ivy Bound’s Senior Instructors, the seminar will cover the following topics:

  • What is tested on the current SAT and how should students attack it?
  • Where does the SAT fit into the college admissions scheme?
  • Where do the SAT II tests fit in and when should we schedule these?
  • Is the SAT fair, is it coachable, is it culturally biased?
  • Don’t grades count any more?
  • What’s the use of the PSAT?
  • How do I assess my child’s PSAT results? (December and January seminars only)
  • How does Early Decision affect admissions?
  • What else are colleges looking for?
  • The Ivy Bound SAT test prep course and how to get the most out of it (optional last 10 minutes)

Ivy Bound is conditionally prepared to offer an SAT prep class on your campus this school year should there be sufficient interest; the last 10 minutes of the seminar are devoted to that course should any of you have questions. We will give all attendees a practice SAT to bring home to their students. It can serve as an approximation of where the student stands in advance of the test.

With 2 weeks’ advance notice and interest from 20 or more families, Ivy Bound will schedule a seminar in your area; please enlist your PTO, guidance counselor, or principal to facilitate one in the coming months.

As an option, Ivy Bound also offers TELEPHONE seminars with similar information, and time for Q&A. These are held on the first Sunday of each month on our conference line, typically at 9:15pm Eastern or 9:15pm Pacific time. Please send an e-mail to info@ivybound.net giving your name, location, child’s graduation year, and your desired time to participate in the conference call. We will reply and provide the conference phone number and extension. If you have a specific SAT or College admissions issue you’d like to have addressed in your conference, please include it in the e-mail.

Ivy Bound offers tutoring and SAT/ACT test prep classes nationwide. Ivy Bound instructors are primarily college and grad students who have all scored among the top 1% on the SAT. Ivy Bound’s flexibility appeals to many busy students and parents. We are able to hold classes in any community and we are often invited to hold classes in schools that have been under-served by some of the larger test-prep organizations. Most Ivy Bound SAT prep classes are held on weekends at schools, churches, synagogues, or community centers. Ivy Bound offers private and semi-private tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SAT II, and most AP tests.