Kids Corner

Kids Corner is a division of Ivy Bound that serves students ages 3 – 5 with after-school activities.

Kids Corner offers this at the home and at schools.  Schools can enlist Kids Corner instructors to arrive in the afternoon and teach for 45 – 90 minutes.  The goal is “Fun and Learning”.
Schools enlist Kids Corner for activities like Lego, Art, Fun, Science, Reading and “Math-e-tarium”.

Schools can have parents pay for their desired activities directly.  Better still is when schools collect payment themselves.  Schools can use Kids Corner as a fund-raiser and simultaneously cut out some of the paperwork required by after-school staffers.

Kids Corner does background screens on all instructors, and trains them on general security/safety issues.  The school can then give the arriving instructors specific instruction for situational care.

Parents who wish to see their age 3 – 5 children with wholesome activities that run deeper into the afternoon should contact Kids Corner.  Where the best venue after school is back HOME, parents can enlist a Kids Corner instructor for similar activities.  We can work with fewer restrictions, and run to as late as 7pm.

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