Young StudentThere are many reasons why a student may need to enlist a tutor: he or she has trouble understanding the teacher, has difficulty focusing, or has parents who are unable to help with coursework, to name a few.

Ivy Bound is proud to offer Private Tutoring to help students of all academic levels succeed in Avon, Bristol, Farmington, Glastonbury, New Britain, Newington, Wethersfield and West Hartford. We also have New York tutors available in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

These services are available to elementary school students all the way through college and grad school. The student is in complete control: Ivy Bound helps you find a tutor whose profile suits your academic needs. You or your student negotiate a time to meet for one-on-one lessons.

Why Choose Private Tutoring?

Our knowledgeable tutors can help with virtually any subject a student may be struggling with, including: math, English, history, foreign languages, and science. Writing papers, studying for tests, and completing projects will gradually become easier for students after working with an Ivy Bound tutor.

Students who are too shy to raise their hand and ask questions in class tend to thrive in a private setting. As the only student in each session, you are able to work at your own pace with your tutor. You never feel rushed to keep up with anyone else.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve academic success.

Other Advantages of Private Tutoring Include:

  • Improved study skills
  • Improved reading skills
  • Better grades
  • Increased chances of admission to private school and college

Private tutoring is also beneficial to students with learning differences. Often, these students can become overwhelmed in a difficult classroom and fall behind – sometimes without the teacher realizing. Private tutoring sessions are an opportunity to focus on individual student needs in a stress-free environment.

Lastly, Ivy Bound’s private tutoring services work around your schedule! When you have numerous extracurricular activities that keep you from participating in group study sessions, our tutors will come to you at school, the local library or your home for a private lesson.

If the benefits of private tutoring appeal to you, start your Tutor Search through Ivy Bound today!