Smiling female student with booksDoes your child spend hours at the dinner table each night struggling with homework? Although many people argue that students are assigned too much homework, there is a difference between being overwhelmed by work and being confused by a subject. When a child does not understand certain academic concepts, it may be time to enlist a tutor.

The seasoned instructors at Ivy Bound Test Prep are here to help Farmington students who may be falling behind in math, science, history or English class. If your child has a hard time focusing, doesn’t understand the teacher or lacks the resources to get through homework troubles, our private tutors can help. They are available to help students in elementary through graduate school whenever it fits their schedule. Find the perfect tutor using our Tutor Search tool and schedule your first one-on-one session!

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Our private instructors can help with essay writing, long-term projects and preparation for big exams. Additional benefits of private tutoring for Farmington students include:

  • Better grades
  • Comfort for shy students
  • Improved study skills
  • Improved reading skills
  • Increased chances of admission to private school and college
  • Individualized attention

Private tutoring is also helpful for busy students who miss out on after-school review sessions due to sports, community service and other extracurricular activities. Ivy Bound tutors work around your schedule and convenience; we’ll come to your home, the Farmington library or host you at our Newington office.

We are proud to bring exceptionally qualified tutors to students and families looking to find extra help with rigorous school coursework, or preparation for one important test. Our instructors range from current university students to seasoned teaching professionals. All have a passion for helping students overcome academic struggles.