happy female student holding booksWhen it’s homework time after school, does your child struggle to complete assignments? For parents who do not sit in modern classrooms, it can be a challenge to help your child with a difficult math or science problem. Common Core learning in particular, has made it very hard for parents to be an asset to their kids. (Indeed, your correct way may be considered the “wrong” way in a modern classroom.)  Curricula have changed dramatically over the years, so it is best to look for a tutor who can guide your child to academic success.

Ivy Bound Test Prep offers private tutoring services for students in Glastonbury who are having a hard time in class. If there is a problem with focus or the teacher’s style, we can also help your children adapt their learning styles to the unique classroom setting. Parents enlist our tutors to come to the home at their convenience.  Find the right person for specific academic needs using our Tutor Search tool and schedule a one-on-one session.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Whether it is math, science, history, English or a foreign language that is holding your child back, our private tutors can assist with writing, studying and projects. Additional benefits of private tutoring for Glastonbury students include:

  • Better grades
  • Comfort for shy students
  • Improved study skills
  • Improved reading skills
  • Increased chances of admission to private school and college
  • Individualized attention

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

You can expect your child to see grade improvements after working with our talented team. A tutor can help a student get through academic work comfortably and well; we do not ask a child to sacrifice sports or extra curricular activities.  We can come to a student’s school, home or the Glastonbury library based on his or her schedule.