Happy male student with booksAs a parent, watching your child struggle in school can make you feel helpless. After all, it has been years since you brushed off your academic skills and the curriculum has changed so much over time. When you find yourself in this situation, it is best to enlist the help of a tutor before your child falls too far behind in class.

At Ivy Bound Test Prep, we have a group of talented tutors who are eager to help West Hartford students who are unable to focus in school, have trouble understanding a teacher or need help with complex assignments on unfamiliar topics. Our private tutors are available at the convenience of West Hartford students in elementary through graduate school; whenever it fits the student’s busy schedule. Your child can find the perfect tutor for his or her academic needs using our Tutor Search tool to schedule one-on-one sessions.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

No matter the subject that your child struggles in – English, math, science or history – our private instructors help with writing, test preparation and meeting project deadlines. Additional benefits of private tutoring for West Hartford students include:

  • Better grades
  • Comfort for shy students
  • Improved study skills
  • Improved reading skills
  • Increased chances of admission to private school and college
  • Individualized attention

Busy students no longer have to sacrifice their study time for sports, community service and other extracurricular activities; Ivy Bound tutoring works around your schedule! Private tutoring sessions can be scheduled when it’s convenient for each student at the Ivy Bound office, the West Hartford library or the student’s home.