Ivy Bound helps students in College stay successful. If you have a tough new subject to master, our tutors help with one-on-one or one-on-two (semi-private) tutoring. If you are in danger of falling way behind, our tutors will typically help 2x or even 3x a week. Otherwise our work is typically 1x a week, with an extra session prior to tests or assigned papers.

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For students who are largely in control of their subjects, our tutors are available to assess papers. You and your tutor exchange emails; at each draft the tutor helps you to make a better presentation and help you do future papers more independently.

For students considering law school, Ivy Bound has specialist tutors for the LSAT. All have attained a top 2% LSAT score, know the modern LSAT well, and are adept at propelling students to high scores and thus better admissions.

For students considering medical school, Ivy Bound has MCAT tutors. You can enlist them for one or more of the MCAT subjects. You can choose to have them tutor from scratch, or to have them supplement another course of MCAT study.

For students considering an MBA, Ivy Bound’s GMAT and GRE tutors help you study for one or both tests. GMAT scores are valid for at least five years before applying, so if the best time for studying is while you are in college (or on a summer break) we encourage any student who is 50% likely to apply in the next 5 years to post a strong GMAT score now. GMAT is best studied for while in college, when brains are most adept. Most students have more study time in college than they will once working a 40+ hour a week job.

For Students considering Master’s or PhD programs, Ivy Bound tutors help with the GRE. If you need to show a strong GRE subject test, along with the GRE general test, Ivy Bound might supply you with two tutors. Our subject test tutors include those with specialties in:

GRE scores are also valid for 5 years (or more), so studying while the subject is “hot” is wise. The GRE General Test can typically be studied for well at any time, but students who anticipate being busier in future semesters should consider doing the GRE right away. The general test demands no college-level subject matter — it is actually similar to the SAT. However prestigious PhD programs typically demand higher GRE scores than colleges demanded on the SAT.