Ivy Bound helps middle school students who want to excel. Many times, you are above the level of others in the class and you want to get to higher level material.

Middle School Resources

middle-schoolTo achieve academic success, you can have an Ivy Bound tutor come to the school for extra help or one-on-one at your home on weekends. Students who are poised to learn at the high school level, but need Study Skills can participate in our sessions.

We show you how to:

  • Write better papers
  • Absorb vocabulary well
  • Take notes effectively
  • Read better and faster
  • Excel on tests

Students can even have an Ivy Bound tutor introduce subjects not offered at school, including: Practical Math, Speedy Reading, Chinese, Computer programming, Astronomy, Filmmaking, Chess, Digital Art, Geology and Advanced Robotics are all subjects we relish teaching.

For some students, “Entrepreneurship 101” is a great weekend class. In pairs, we help students turn an idea into an operating business. Along the way, we teach some legalities, financial practicalities and business ethics.

Finally, if you are looking to continue education at a private school, Ivy Bound tutors help you prep for the SSAT or the ISEE. In New York, we also help for the SHSAT. We work on math, reading, English and essays. You choose the times you wish to meet; via Skype you have a choice of over 65 active Ivy Bound tutors.