Study Skills Are More Important Than Ever

StudyingGood study skills are more important than ever because students need to be more independent than ever. Parents often lack the time to coach their children; guidance counselors are more remote and teachers can often be inaccessible. Even when teachers make themselves available after school, students often can’t take advantage because of sports, driver’s education, clubs, volunteering or work. For busy students, study skills may be the most important skill not taught in secondary school.

The Value of Study Skills

Another reason why good study skills carry such importance is the monetary value placed on good academics. Greater skills and knowledge, typically measured by college success, have meant much higher starting salaries than lower skills and lower college success.

The intangible value of study skills is how students FEEL at the beginning of a school week: Accomplished? Burdened? Confident? Distressed? Enthusiastic? Fearful? (and that’s just A – F). Students armed to get the most out of a class, make the most of their assigned papers and do the best on their tests are more successful and happier.

Study Skills Course

We have created a class to help students improve the following study skills:

    1. Memorization
    2. Note Taking
    3. Exam Prep
    4. Paper Writing
    5. Reading Comprehension and Speed

Our instructors are typically graduate students who teach classes of 4 – 15 students. Schools can set the dates and tailor the course they feel most appeals to their families – we’re flexible! Holiday break and the start of each semester are also good times for a group to enlist Ivy Bound for a 4 – 6 session Study Skills or Speed Reading course.

If this appeals to you or another parent in your orbit, please know we are here to help.