ACT Test Prep

The ACT is a leading college admissions test that measures a student’s mastery of high school curriculum. It is a smart choice for students who are strong at science reasoning. A good test prep program helps students reach their goals. As private educators, it is our mission to see that our clients get the best results and return on investment possible. We offer several test prep tutoring options, including: private and semi-private tutoring, small group classes and more.

ACT prep classes are offered online, in-person or even at your home, all year long.

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  • Private and Semi-Private Tutoring
  • In-Person or Online
  • Customized to fit your needs

What you can expect as a client:

  • A tutor who will TEACH TO THE TEST
  • Many practice tests, all calibrated on the ACT’s scale
  • Strategies covering ALL sections of the ACT
  • Big score improvements

Why take the ACT over the SAT?

  • For many students, the ACT is the optimal test
  • ACT has NO vocabulary study
  • ACT rewards students who are strong with Science Reasoning
  • The ACT has more available real practice tests



ACT Prep Philosophy

It is our mission to see that you and your child get the best return on investment.


ACT Scheduling Strategies and Tips

General suggestions made with each child’s unique schedule in mind.



Essay Services

Our Brainstorming and Editing services help students improve their essay writing skills.


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