The PSAT is a prelude to the SAT, used as a benchmark for 10th and 11th graders. The format differs greatly from the SAT, so it shouldn’t be used as the only form of prep. ACT Aspire, is a series of tests for students grade 3 – 10. These tests are only available through schools, to give them a measure of learning at each grade level.


Also called SAT IIs, SAT Subject Tests allow students to show they’ve mastered a certain school subject. We offer test prep classes for English, History, Math, Science and Language. Students who have strong grades are usually very successful on their SAT Subject Tests.


Advanced Placement courses and exams are offered in high school for highly ambitious students. They test mastery in an upper level class, similar to a college course. Many students who take APs often take the corresponding SAT Subject Tests, so our test prep classes are beneficial for both.


The SSAT is an admissions requirement for students grade 3 – 11 who are applying to an elite prep school. The exam tests math, verbal, reading and writing knowledge. Our tutors use as many real SSAT questions as possible to teach to the test!


The ISEE is another test used by prep school admissions counselors. It is offered to students in grades 5 – 12 and tests verbal, quantitative reasoning, reading and mathematics skills. Some schools accept the ISEE in lieu of the SSAT or take both scores.


The Graduate Management Admission Test is required for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in business. It tests skills that many students have never practiced before, so prep is crucial to be successful. A strong GMAT score can be the difference between placement at a top-tier school versus a middle- or low-tier school.


The Graduate Record Examinations is a test of acquired skills in math, logic, critical reading and persuasive writing. Most prep requires learning new skills, so we ask students to go into this exam with an open mind. A strong GRE score can be used in place of a GMAT score for many MBA programs.


The Law School Admissions Test is required for students who aspire to attend law school after college. It tests skills related to logic, reading and argument analysis. A strong LSAT score can get students into a competitive law school, which correlates with high salaries at prestigious firms.


The Medical College Admission Test is the most important component of a potential medical student’s profile. It tests acquired knowledge and skills that take months to master; we recommend 3 – 5 months of prep to achieve a 2 – 4 point increase in each subject.