younger-studentWhat is the ISEE?

The Independent Schools Entrance Exam (ISEE) is given nationwide for applicants to prep schools. The ISEE offers Lower Level (applicants to grades 5 or 6), Middle Level (applicants to grades 7 or 8) and Upper Level (applicants to grades 9 – 12) tests. They all have four sections of multiple choice and an essay. The multiple choice questions cover the following topics in order:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Mathematics Achievement

What you can expect as a client:

  • Instructors who teach with clarity and enthusiasm
  • Materials and strategies that target ISEE success
  • Work that is tailored to the student’s needs
  • Instructors who know the test and teens
  • Learning from your home (parent sit-in optional)
  • Write more proficiently under time pressure
  • Build your vocabulary
  • Improve your Algebra and Geometry Skills

The ISEE is used by prep schools the same way as the SSAT; as a component of admission. We know of no prep school that has a “cut-off” ISEE or SSAT score. However, the lower the score, the more need for the student to show excellence in grades or comportment.

Many schools that accept ISEE accept the SSAT in lieu, but some do not. New Jersey Prep Schools currently have a particular preference for the ISEE at all levels. New York and New England prep schools prefer the ISEE middle school entrance and the SSAT for upper school entrance.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve ISEE success.

The ISEE can only be taken during three testing windows – Fall (August – November), Winter (December – March), and Spring/Summer (April – July). Only one test is allowed per window and there is a limit of 3 tests in a 12-month period. It makes sense to try to make the first time count, and then be done.