female high school student holding yellow folderColleges and universities have become increasingly more competitive and selective in their admissions process. Students may face an uphill battle when it comes to vying for the top spots. A high score on the SAT can help improve a student’s chances of college admission.

The SAT has become Connecticut’s choice as the desired standardized test. It helps the school evaluation process and the college admissions process. The exam can be challenging for students, testing concepts in math, reading, language and writing.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Connecticut students on all levels achieve SAT success.

Towns Served in Connecticut

Thorough preparation prior to the test is essential for Connecticut students to achieve the scores they need to be accepted into top programs. We offer in-person SAT prep classes for the following towns:

In-Person SAT Classes in Connecticut

Ivy Bound Test Prep offers online and in-person SAT classes to help students improve their scores. In an in-person or online setting, students have access to real past test questions and an instructor who walks through the answers step-by-step.

Whether you choose in-person or online depends on your unique schedule. Students have said that taking an online class is like your instructor is in the room with you! Ivy Bound’s seasoned instructors have all scored in the top 1 percent and are highly familiar with the test. When Connecticut students work with an Ivy Bound tutor, they improve their skills using with real test materials. Students can expect score increases between 100 and 250 points!

Indeed, Ivy Bound’s management is confident enough in its prep and SAT coachability that it gives a 100 point guarantee for an SAT score increase. Few students need the guarantee; on average, diligent Ivy Bound students report 166.2 point increases! Even a 100 point increase almost always lifts a student’s admissions offers. It can often engender scholarship offers too. Ivy Bound’s scholarship-seeking students report average scholarship awards exceeding $70,000 over four years.