Two female students with a male tutorFor high school students, the SAT is often the most intimidating aspect of completing their college resume. While a student might have good grades, his/her SAT scores might be holding them back. To help make the “big test” less stressful, Ivy Bound has been successfully tutoring students since 2001.

Tutoring for SAT Success

Ivy Bound offers both semi-private and private formats for Greenwich students who want to get ahead on the SAT. Semi-private means one student and a well-matched classmate enlist a tutor for one-on-two sessions with the parents splitting the cost. In-person or online, our instructors teach test taking and time management skills, along with new skills that are not typically introduced in school. Ivy Bound tutors give exercises that help students build their SAT Math, Reading, Grammar and Essay strengths. All our tutors have scored in the top 1% on the exam and their strategies teach to the test.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Greenwich students on all levels achieve SAT success.

Our SAT Tutoring Program Benefits

Today, college acceptance is more competitive than ever. On average, Ivy Bound students increase their SAT scores by 160 points after enlisting in our program. Those extra points could be the difference between an acceptance or a denial.

Through customized instruction from tutors who know the SAT format and teach to the test, Greenwich students have a distinct advantage over their peers. Real, timed practice tests provide a benchmark for progress and give students an idea of potential scholarship awards. Following an Ivy Bound practice test session, students leave with their scores. They also learn how many more right answers are needed to raise their score a given number of points.

Over the course of 3 – 5 months students, should expect 100 – 200 point improvements. Ivy Bound has some students reach 300+ point improvements every year. Greenwich students in an Ivy Bound tutoring program can achieve an average of $80,000 in four-year merit based scholarships.