Female tutor helping a college studentThe SAT is arguably the most important exam you will take in your high school career. Your score on this standardized test could be the difference between rejection and acceptance to your top college.

Ivy Bound knows the competition for college acceptance among New Canaan students can be fierce. Since 2001, our tutors have helped students improve their scores and overall testing performance on the SAT. Our diligent students raise their scores over 150 points on average using Ivy Bound’s tutors and test materials.

Tutoring for SAT Success

Do you want to dramatically raise your scores? Ivy Bound offers semi-private and one-on-one sessions in-person or online. Semi-private sessions involve one tutor addressing two students and their parents split the cost.

Ivy Bound tutors have scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT. Ivy Bound’s senior instructors regularly retest to stay abreast of new College Board changes. We help New Canaan students achieve SAT success by improving weak areas and building upon strengths. Our tutors have access to licensed SAT materials, including sample Math, Reading and Grammar questions. Progress is measured using real timed practice tests!

Ivy Bound tutors have helped New Canaan students on all levels achieve SAT success.

Our SAT Tutoring Program Benefits

Working with an Ivy Bound tutor gives New Canaan students a distinct advantage. Our test prep firm guarantees 100 point score increases and many of our diligent students report 200 point or more improvements!

An impressive SAT score typically results in merit scholarships. Your parents or you yourself may be looking at $50,000 – over $150,000 over four years based on a high SAT score.  Ivy Bound students report an average four year award of nearly $90,000!

*50% of tutor fee or class fee is returned to any diligent student not seeing a 100-point improvement over a pre-Ivy Bound SAT. Restrictions apply. A guarantee agreement is required.