Male student being tutored for the SATFor most high school students, the SAT is the most important exam they will ever take. This standardized test is often the determining factor of college admission. Ambitious Stamford students will find a helpful resource in Ivy Bound Test Prep, which has been coaching the SAT since 2001.

Tutoring for SAT Success

We offer both private and semi-private tutoring sessions to Stamford students who want to improve their SAT scores. Semi-private sessions involve one tutor and two students, with the parents splitting the cost.

Offered in-person or online, our instructors – who have all scored in the top 1% – teach to the test. Their exercises build up SAT Math, Reading, Grammar and Writing skills. Students’ new strengths will be measured with official practice tests. Test taking and time management skills will also translate into better SAT scores for Stamford students.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped Stamford students on all levels achieve SAT success.

Our SAT Tutoring Program Benefits

Working with our tutors for three to five months should result in 100 – 200-point increases, but some of our students exceed 300! On average, Ivy Bound students increase their scores by 160 points. In today’s competitive college landscape, those extra points could be the difference between a rejection and an acceptance letter.

Stamford students will be able to achieve high scholarship awards with a good SAT score. These are merit-based awards – grants based on academic performance rather than financial need. Ivy Bound’s scholarship seeking students earn an average of $80,000 for a four-year degree.