We have been so impressed with Ivy Bound and their academic tutoring. My 8th grader needed some extra help with her honors algebra class and Ivy Bound’s tutor has been phenomenal. He is always prompt, professional and makes learning fun for her. She looks forward to her time with him every week. I would recommend the tutor and Ivy Bound to anyone looking for academic help.
C.K., parent of 8th grader, CT

I am very happy to report that my son not only enjoyed the Speedy Reading class and the way it was taught by the instructor, he also stated that it was fun. Since December his grades have rocketed up to almost all straight “A’s” and two “B’s”. He couldn’t be happier as his confidence has grown and he is no longer struggling in school or with his homework. He is getting his work done in half the time and all of his teachers have taken note of his improvements and tell him what a great job he is doing. This class has completely changed his outlook on school only for the better and he is now a much happier child and for that we are sincerely grateful to Ivy Bound. Thank you all for offering such a great class and we will definitely be using you again in the future for his ACT and SAT testing.
S.D., parent of 7th grader, CT

Their tutors are, in my experience, EXCELLENT! They’re excellent not just for being highly qualified and knowledgeable but also they were both prompt, honest, hard-working, and focused. Her SATs jumped by nearly 300 points because of it. More importantly perhaps, she knew she had everything possible in terms of help and it *really* bolstered her self-confidence.
Jeff P. (Rockville MD)

Ivy Bound’s comprehensive SAT prep course provided my three children with the tools, insight and confidence they each needed to excel at the SATs. Ivy Bound instructors take the tests themselves so as to spot trends occurring in the SAT tests and sharing those trends with its students as the tests evolve. Ivy Bound provides a very personal tutorial for the SAT including frequent emails regarding new words to learn for the day or noticing an upcoming conference call to discuss study techniques and preparation. This continued communication regarding SAT preparation motivates and engages high school students like no other program can. The success of my three children on the SAT, as well as their success in getting into the colleges of their choice are a testament to Ivy Bound’s successful SAT preparation.
THF (Glastonbury CT)

My son struggles in school. We were hopeful that our son would get to a 23 ACT, and accepting that it would take three or more tests. (His PLAN score was 18). I’m pleased to say that his first test will be his last – he earned a 28! We were floored and can’t thank you enough. P.S…. If anybody asks about telephone tutoring, please tell them we are its most fervent supporters. Doug and my son were able to meet with promptness and always communicated with clarity.
3 months later…

My son found out today that he got a 720 on the Math II and a 700 on the Literature subject tests. We were thrilled, because now he has received scores in the 700’s on all three components of his “regular” SATs, plus two subject tests.
Amy R. (Woodbridge CT)

I’m so grateful to have found you for my boys! Your tutors have been the perfect match for both my hard-charging son and his more laid-back brother. You have worked separately as needed and brought them together extremely well for areas where their skills overlap. Thank you again.
Lisa Fisher Rosenbaum (Newton MA)

You made this element very easy and the parents in my group have been very pleased.
Robin A. (Coordinator of “Form Your Own” class, Glastonbury CT)

We were ecstatic when Alex received his scores. (Perhaps I was more thrilled than my son!). The big increase means we can all rest easier about admissions. My husband and I think we’re now at least $60,000 wealthier since that’s what this increase will do if he wants to attend UIllinois for the next four years. Needless to say, we are grateful for your attentiveness these last six months.
Jane Su L. (Parent of ’11, Chicago IL)

I will definitely recommend Ivy Bound to other people as his score went up dramatically from his first PSAT’s. We did not know what to expect, but we were absolutely thrilled with the end result! Thanks Ivy Bound!!!!
Lisa P.

Rarely in today’s business world, especially in the service industry, have we ever received the winning combination of an outstanding product combined with superb personal attention and talent. Your company has such a product and one which adapts well to an individual’s needs….Your program creates a place to ask questions and stay on target for being ready to SUCCEED at taking the test. Your program exceeded our expectations in every aspect and our hope is that more students could benefit from your well focused and specialized program. The weekly call in hours supported the material the student was working on and the momentum of the program through the material is well thought out! Any student willing to put in the time to study, will more than succeed with your program. Thank you again for creating such possibilities!
Meredith M. (parent of two girls, Ithaca NY)

This is the best thing that ever happened to this school! I’m very impressed with your follow up and the extra sessions you offer.
Alison K.

…our son’s admission to UMichigan was driven almost completely by (you guessed it) his SAT scores. The whopping 210 points you helped him to really made the difference in getting him to his top choice college. Is classmates with better grades at Edgemont but worse SAT scores were nt as fortunate. …So, you were right, and I’m glad our son listened. You’ll have our daughter in less than two years…
Phyllis R. (Scarsdale NY)

The teacher was really caring. He took a personal interest in tailoring the work to what each of the girls needed. He was very invested in the process. Reliable, trustworthy, friendly. This was a class but the teacher went out of his way to make each session personalized and enjoyable. The students in the Ivy Bound class really propelled themselves compared with students in other programs…. My daughter got to 2360. She was able to take the test just once. It was a 250 point jump.
Marcy B. (Needham MA)

As a company dedicated to good parent service, Ivy Bound has exceeded my expectations. They work with over 1000 students a year, but have treated me and my daughter with exceptional knowledge and care. In short, Ivy Bound still acts like a small company. They put great scores for students foremost, and satisfying service to parents seems like a close second. Profitability seems like a distant third. Hartford area parents are lucky to have Ivy Bound nearby.
Sara R. (parent of ’06)

I’d like to thank you folks for a very nice job with both my sons–Will got a 1400 on the old SAT and Ian got a 2080 on the new one. Both showed marked improvement over their practice exams with your help. The e-mail and the vocabulary lists are great. I think you’ve got a superior program, and I wish you well with future success.
William H. (parent of two boys, Brewster MA)

Kevin was fantastic. He had tremendous patience. He made an environment that was good for my daughter. He was especially good for strategizing on pacing; she would never run out of time. He also was great for how to do the problems.
Evelyn V. (San Francisco CA)

My son increased his SAT score by 270 points….(1600 scale)… it was the best investment I’ve made for my son. Your course allowed my son to seek out higher caliber colleges than he would have been able to had he not attended Ivy Bound….I recommend Ivy Bound to anyone looking to maximizing their SAT scores.
Laurel K. (New Britain CT)

I cannot recommend Ivy Bound enough. There are so many bright, qualified students out there that you need an edge to get your son or daughter into a good school. Writing the SATs without coaching is pretty much a guaranty that you will not score as high as you have the potential to. Ivy Bound was our secret weapon!
Mark L. (Voorhees NJ)

Aryeh did a great job and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks for all of your help. The physics he now knows, you have been instrumental in his learning.
Blythe Marston (Parent of ‘09 and ’12, Anchorage AK)

Your course saved us over $100,000. Literally that’s what we’re saving thinks to the scholarships Kristin’s SAT score brought our way. She always looked forward to your course — we’re very grateful.
Brian S. (Marlborough CT)

I’m a tough parent. I admit it. You delivered. Enough said. But…I’ll say more. Sam is thrilled and so am I. I’m going to try to talk everybody (younger than Sam) into tutoring with Ivy Bound.
Amy R. (Scarsdale NY)

All the prep Gemma did with Hafeez really helped her get the extra 50 points on each section she needed to be in the running for some of the more selective schools she’s applying to. We all feel that the work Hafeez did with Gemma was fantastic and he really helped Gemma achieve her goal.
Rosemary, Art & Gemma (Jersey City NJ)

You encouraged us to prepare early in the year, which greatly helped my son to an early decision acceptance. He devoured your word lists, and developed more confidence in his academics. His 260 point [PSAT to SAT, 1600 scale] improvement didn’t hurt. I implore other parents to begin early, as we did.
Janet M. (Avon CT)

I LOVE your company — everyone I’ve dealt with is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Can’t imagine duplicating this experience w/ Princeton Review or any of the other “big box” companies.
M.S. (Scarsdale NY)

…your organization has boosted her into a different category as far as college admissions so much so that she has to re-consider many of her application choices. I’m sold! I will recommend your organization to any and everyone in need of this sort of help. Also I wanted to mention that I believe that Abby`s tutor was excellent. Not only with technicalities of test-taking strategies, but also on a very human level. I overheard some of her sessions and I found him to be a remarkably positive supportive person.
Ingrid Sojit (Philadelphia PA)

The math work you did for the SAT helped both my kids in school as well. Your two tutors have been exceptionally helpful to them.
Jamie Kemler (Boston MA)

Emily is fantastic and she is terrifically helpful. Thanks for getting her to an even higher level.
Alyssa K (Parent of sophomore doing academic tutoring, Longmeadow MA)

Eugene is a tutoring God. My son is hard to impress, but Eugene gives him something impressive each session. At this point, we’ve done everything possible to get him into a top college. Thank you for doing your part so well.
Jim H. (Glastonbury CT)

We can’t thank you enough. Grace got that ED admission and she would not have done it without you. Your tutor and your firm have been excellent all the way.
Chris B. (Lincoln VT)

We’re on child #3 with you…thanks for all your help thus far.
Maureen S. (New York NY)

Your tutor is wonderful…Fantastic temperament. Works very patiently with my son. With other tutors, he has gotten frustrated. Pierre keeps him encouraged and constantly motivated. My son actually feels energized after a lesson. He knows he’s learned a lot in each session.
Andrea K. (Bethesda MD)

“Attached please find Josh’s test results. He is at school so he does not know the scores, but we are sure he would want to thank you. We want to thank you again. We are so happy to send you these results. Josh made a huge improvement from the original test. Though he is still in a lower percentage overall, this test shows that he knows more than what he did before. Thank you again so very much. We will definitely spread the word about Adam and Ivy Bound.
Lisa Beth (New York NY, parent of 8th grader taking SSAT)

We thank you both very much for both your painstaking efforts and commitment for Raymond’s over-all improvement! We have noticed marked improvements in his over-all tone of voice, demeanor and thought process. The gains from your tutoring have provided him a shaping of his thinking and personality beyond what the subject matter offers and is truly immeasurable. Again, many thanks from both Ramon and myself.
Ramon and Sonia (Austin TX)

I just want to say what an absolute gem your tutor was for my son. Ivy Bound and he really helped him and I’m please to say he’s off to he top choice college this summer.
S Benson (Feeding Hills MA)

I will definitely recommend IvyBound. You found us excellent tutors at short notice, and tailored the schedule and program to my daughters as individuals. I also appreciate your accessibility by phone and email which is unheard of, in my experience, from a test prep company.
E.P. (Winchester MA)