Primary Location:
New York, NY
Summer Location:
Tucson, AZ
Ivy Bound Tutor Since:
New York University - Tish School of the Arts

Programs I specialize in:

  • Academic Tutoring: K-12
  • ACT
  • AP/SAT Chemistry
  • AP/SAT History
  • AP/SAT Literature
  • AP/SAT Other Exams
  • ISEE
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • SSAT
  • Study Skills


My most unique skills come from the fact that, along with my studies, I currently work in the Career Center at NYU, and spent the last two years as an assistant at NYU, working directly with prospective students.  Both of these positions have given me a strong sense of not only how to help students study for these tests, but also of which tests matter, and the lens through which admissions officers see these scores.

I have had the chance to tutor a broad spectrum of subjects and personality types, from extremely driven Ivy League applicants, to gifted preteen boys coping with ADHD, to grade schoolers at a local homeless shelter. Some of the most important experience I have, though, has come from working with younger students at my school on an informal basis. I am lucky enough to have standardized testing come easily, and passing on those skills makes feel like I am really able to give someone else a tool I was given.



Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, Class of 2015
New York City, NY

  • GPA: 3.8/4.0
  • Double major in Economics  and Screen & TV Writing

Phillips Academy Andover, Class of 2011
Andover, MA

  • GPA: 5.1/6.0




  • Math: 740
  • Reading: 770
  • Writing: 800


  • Literature: 710
  • United States History: 710
  • Math II: 690

SSAT: 2380

  • Math: 99%
  • Verbal: 99%
  • Reading: 99%


  • English Literature: 5
  • European History: 5
  • BC Calculus: 5
  • United States History: 4
  • Chemistry   4
  • Micro Economics:  4
  • Macro Economics:  4



  • Writing (Screen, Stage, and TV Scripts and Novels/Novellas)
  • Photography (Digital and black-and-white film)
  • Debate and Mock Trial; Politics