Primary Location:
Manchester, CT
Summer Location:
Manchester, CT
Ivy Bound Tutor Since:
Wheaton College
Grad School:
Springfield College

Programs I specialize in:

  • Academic Camps
  • Academic Tutoring: K-12
  • ACT
  • AP/SAT Languages
  • ISEE
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • SSAT
  • Study Skills


I’ve worked with Ivy Bound as a tutor and classroom teacher since 2007.  I am also a Connecticut Certified Spanish Teacher and have extensive experience teaching and tutoring Spanish and English as a second language to people of all ages in Connecticut, Spain, and the Dominican Republic.  I love to travel, and one of the most exciting things I’ve done as an Ivy Bound teacher was travel to Rwanda this past summer and teach ACT to Rwandan students eager to study in American colleges and universities.

With coaching and hard work, my students improve their test scores significantly.  While they start out with a solid knowledge base, the tutoring process helps them understand the test questions in a way that allows them to pick correct answers more often and more quickly than they previously could.

My students also find out more about themselves through the process than they expect.  When I work with students one on one, I quickly identify his or her learning style, strengths and weaknesses.  I then tailor my techniques to suit his or her personality and academic needs.  I explain my observations to the student and offer techniques that they can use to improve their overall performance in school.  My gentle but firm manner makes it easy to work with students who have learning disabilities and test anxiety.


Connecticut Teacher Certification, Spanish K-12

Springfield College, M.S. 1993

Wheaton College, B.S., 1987



  • Math: 740
  • Reading: 790
  • Writing: 800
  • Composite: 2350


  • English: 35
  • Math: 32
  • Reading: 35
  • Science: 33
  • Composite: 34

SAT Subject Test:

  • Spanish: 800

Fluent in Spanish


Parent of two in their early 20s, my daughter is an undergrad in Boston, and my son has earned a master’s degree and started his professional career in Washington D.C.