In the Beginning

Ivy Bound was started out of a desire to give students the best preparation for the SAT. Mark Greenstein Founded Ivy Bound in 2000, after working 13 years with 3 other test prep organizations. His first classes were held in South Central Los Angeles, and the students were exclusively “first-generation college” (parents had not attended college).

Mark’s first class was met by skeptical administrators at the students’ high school. Indeed, they were often denied rooms for after-school sessions. But the students and teacher were resourceful, commandeering a place on the nearby USC campus and occasionally in a quiet library.

Though Mark only sought out 1st-generation students, word of his good work spread, and he was getting calls from parents in tony suburbs like Encino and Beverly Hills requesting private tutoring. Mark returned to New England in 2001 and began to hire tutors throughout the northeast. He trained them using “Ivy Bound techniques”.

Mark has often said:

“Use your own flair, and tailor the learning to what the student needs.”

Success of Ivy Bound

This tutor independence-with-structure has allowed Ivy Bound’s students to flourish. Families ever since have sought Ivy Bound for the tailored tutoring it provides. Simultaneously, they appreciate the firm’s Test Prep Advisors, who work with parents to get the best structure and ultimately have students get the most out of the course.

Ivy Bound’s Test Prep Advisors are themselves moms whose own children have been in competitive school environments. Ivy Bound prides itself of meeting parents’ high expectations, but also helping with empathy when students start with low motivation or low abilities.