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“MLE” – Materials, Licensing and Enlistment Fee – ACT/SAT Prep
The MLE fee is for materials (printing, publishing and shipping), licensing intellectual property (third party copyright fees, College Board materials license fees), and enlistment, (recruitment, office administration and extras for students to use).  The MLE fee is pre-paid and can be combined with a pre-payment for tutoring hours or can stand along.  Billing for tutoring sessions is then done on a monthly basis, and clients receive an invoice early in the month listing the previous month’s tutoring hours and travel fees (if any).
Travel Fees: Where the assigned tutor will be traveling more than 1 hour round trip (a combination of distance and time), we ask that the client pay one half the tutoring rate for all travel time above that 1 hour.  For seasoned and senior tutors with busy schedules, this threshold can be as low as 20 minutes round trip. On the Enrollment Agreement we include an estimate, based on the tutoring location and the tutor’s starting location.  If you think our estimate is off, we will gladly renegotiate an agreeable amount.    We try to minimize these travel fees by avoiding rush hours, and by having tutors travel to a neighboring client at an adjacent time.  Thus the tutor’s invoice on certain dates may show $20 instead of $40 for the session.  We ask that clients trust the tutor’s integrity to make arrangements that minimize the travel charge.               Travel fees are reduced by choosing an “in-between” location and are eliminated entirely when tutoring online.
Prepayment:   We reduce the MLE by $100 when pre-paying by check or direct bank deposit for a minimum number of hours, usually  the lowest number in the range on this Enrollment Agreement specified under “Recommended Duration”.  Credit card prepayments do not reduce the MLE fee. To calculate the prepayment amount, multiply the expected minimum number of hours by the hourly tutor rate.  Add the MLE fees from the Enrollment Agreement and subtract $100 to get the total prepayment amount due.   Prepaying by check for more than the minimum number of hours earns 5% more time with the tutor (an extra hour for every 20 hours above the minumum).
Cancellations: We ask for a two session commitment only.   You may simply call Ivy Bound 5 or more days in advance of an appointment to terminate.   Please understand that promptness is important.  You promise to make every effort to have the student on time for each session and to cancel an appointment only for a medical emergency.   Except in a medical emergency, a cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice directly to the tutor’s phone may be treated as a no-show, and a charge for the full session may be assessed.  Travel charges will be added if the tutor has made the trip.
Materials:   All issued, Ivy Bound, proprietary material is yours to use, but is not to be copied or shared with anyone except Ivy Bound students and their parents, and then for the sole purpose of helping with the subject currently being studied with Ivy Bound.  You acknowledge that Ivy Bound has the sole right and title to these materials.  You know that breach of this contract or non-payment could subject you to attorneys’ fees, collection fees, processing fees, and/or late fees.  Unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of this material could subject you or the enrollee to copyright infringement penalties, and your signature on the Enrollment Agreement acknowledges that you have read and agree to the conditions above.
 ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT DEFINITIONS AND EXPLANATIONS   Our Tutor Hourly Fees: Tutor rates are based on experience within and outside Ivy Bound.  This can sometimes mean a young instructor will have more Test Prep experience than a 50 year old instructor.  Some of our younger tutors will take on 5 -10 clients per semester, and thus have more Ivy Bound experience than a school teacher who takes on only one or two clients per semester.  All Ivy Bound Instructors teach with clarity, enthusiasm, empathy and knowledge gained from their own experience with the tests, with clients, and with the training Ivy Bound provides.   All Ivy Bound Instructors teach with clarity, enthusiasm, empathy and knowledge gained from their own experience with the tests, with clients, and with the training Ivy Bound provides.   All Test Prep instructors have a Top 1% score (in some locations it’s top 2%) on either the SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, or GMAT.  Moreover, they teach with clarity, enthusiasm, high test knowledge, and empathy.
Semi-Private Tutoring – families split tutoring and travel fees: A tutor’s hourly fee & travel fee can be split equally by choosing the semi-private option.  If you know a student with similar abilities, similar academic needs, and a compatible schedule, we can tutor the two simultaneously.  We encourage semi-private tutoring because it can be motivational for each student and it saves money for parents.  A session that is done solo means that student pays the full hourly cost of the tutor.  To avoid this, we require five (5) days’ notice be given to the tutor and to the other student, if there is to be an excused absence.  A cancellation fewer than 5 days in advance of an appointment means the absent student must pay the half share for the teacher’s normal time and travel.
Academic tutoring, AP and/or SAT Subject Tests.  Most of our tutors have expertise in other subjects.  Whether online or face-to-face, we help students stay on top of their subjects and excel on the standardized tests that face them.    We ask parents to obtain a copy of the textbooks for the tutor’s use, or we ask parents to reimburse us for our purchase of those texts.  A used copy is fine; an online copy is fine if it synchs with that of the student.  Obtaining “loaner” texts from the school is good too, but some teachers don’t like knowing their students are being tutored.
“Peppering”.  Students who choose to have their tutoring conclude well before target test date, we offer the same tutor, or another tutor for short 20 to 50 minute quick review sessions.  This helps avoid “down time”, when skills and strategies learned during the course work may begin to fade.  Peppering offers an intense review of these lessons using practice test “sections” of the SAT or ACT.